Sinder 9968

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Nov 22/2022

Contacted her a few weeks ago but schedules didn’t line up. Initial contact was greet, took a little bit of time to reply, as I don’t expect theSP’s to be waiting by their phones specially for my text (unlike some). Once contact was made all texts where answered promptly.

Was in Nanaimo yesterday, thank heavens it’s pouring in Victoria today, reached out to Sinder in the morning and was able to arrange an afternoon appointment. Confirmed address and off I went.

Looks. We’ll just look at the website, totally accurate. I like my ladies tall and slim with some boobsý?. I don’t see her as being anorexia thin, she is a health thin. Again look at the website pics what you see is what you get.

Location was an older high rise by the water, stood on the balcony and enjoyed the ocean view and the view of the wind blowing her skirt up. Enjoyed a quick drink then down to business

Business was out of this world. For some reason I was able to stay hard for the full hour, NO supplements require, and she took it like a champ, I had to stop a couple of times but she wanted to keep going. Afterwards talked a little bit cleaned up and left. Never felt rushed the entire time.

If Sinder is your type I would definitely repeat and will based on my first interactions.

Sinder - Totally fun

Mike Hunt
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Sep24, 2022

If you like your women tall and skinny, really skinny, then Sinder is a good choice. We just did an overnight that was all the fucking and sucking this old guy could handle (but that probably isn't saying much). Did I mention that Sinder has a tight pussy, really tight. Make sure to have lube at hand. Sinder gets aroused very nicely but the lube was essential just to get my dick inside her. Once in, all was excellent. I could feel her pussy muscles (is there such a thing? there must be) tighten around the shaft of my dick kind of like having an extra couple of fingers stroking my dick while the head of my dick enjoyed the warm depths of her wetness.

Lots of guys comment on how good a girl is at blowjobs. But Sinder really does a good blow job - down to the tonsils as she says. I could feel the back of her throat closing around the head of my cock. It was definitely a different sensation.

For round two, we were snuggled in bed. Sinder told me that she sleeps soundly but I could do anything I wanted with her while she was asleep (obviously based on having some trust and good communication already). As promised, Sinder was almost immediately sound asleep with her pussy nicely pressed against my now recovered penis. Instinctively, said penis found its way into an awaiting pussy. Definitely a nice feeling to fall asleep after a second, more intense orgasm, with my dick still in her pussy. Sinder really is a sound sleeper, and she was okay with snuggling and groping through the night.

We discussed anal, which is offered at her discretion for an extra, but given how tight her pussy is I really didn't feel the need to pursue this since her asshole is even tighter. So commenced the morning with another round, just as good as the evening before.

Sinder is genuinely interested in pleasing and followed all of my directions and requests (although nothing very much out of the usual). She doesn't do CIM but is a great kisser and fucks well in lots of positions. I am also tall so we fit together quite nicely. She is a bit of a character and quite talkative, but has a good sense of humour. Also, she runs (fucks) on junk food. Just keep on supplying junk food and she keeps on going. Cold steak & blue cheese pizza chased down with squirting orange jaw droppers (vodka) is not my first choice for breakfast.

I think I will take a week off now to recover, maybe (a week off, I mean)

Looking for a good deeothroat bbbj.

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Sep 9, 2020

Sinder in Parksville is amazing,
Expensive the first visit but discounted the second. She will lie on the bed head over the edge and take you all the way she loves to gag.
Hailey is a great BJ as well deep throat.
bee at BOA is another great BJ
If you guys are all measuring up no pictures please